Mother's Mattress Factory

Rexburg's Favorite Rock Band

It's amazing what 30 years can do to a person. Mouse over the pictures below to see Before and After shots of everybody and see how the years have treated us:

In July of 1974 we drove all the way to Portland via Misoula and Moscow Idaho to play a couple of dances:

1974 Portland Tour

Clear skies and 75 MPH winds on Top of the Car.

Oregon Welcomes MMF

1974 Worlds Fair

Jay makes a dash to the ocean past Deanna Lake and Lisa & Tanna Cottle
Mother Nature's Son

Julie Boyle was surprised when we stopped to say goodbye before leaving Rexburg. We honked the horn until she came out of the house.

Brad, Jay, & Dana Shaultry

If you have pictures, stories, memories, or anything else you'd like to share:

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