Mother's Mattress Factory

Rexburg's Favorite Rock Band

(At least we were Greg Palmer's favorite Rexburg rock band during a very brief period in the seventies.)

Doug & Lloyd Brad Larry Lloyd & Doug Notice Birthday Cake on Organ
Lloyd, Clarke, Doug, Brad, Jay, Larry in High School Gym Doug, Brad, Jay
Harpo and Doug
Doug Jay Lloyd Doug Doug
Jay and Brad 1974 Doug Porter
Jay Covington
Larry Peterson
Brad Liljenquist
Lloyd Weber

Clarke Thompson
Scott Barrick
Kenny Olsen
Larry, Jay, Scott, Doug, & Clarke in school cafeteria for victory dance

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Mother's Mattress Factory 2003 World Tour
An American Band

Here's a bootleg copy of Brad and his kids doing their version of
Pride and Joy.

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Jay Covington Larry Peterson Doug Porter Brad Liljenquist Lloyd Weber

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